Negotiating the Tricky Real Estate Market   Published in Business Mexico magazine. It addresses some of the legal aspects surrounding real estate acquisitions by foreigners in Mexico including Mexican real estate inside and outside the restricted zone.

California Lawyer Punta Banda Article Published in California Lawyer magazine under the Title “Evicted! Mexican Courts Took Away the Homes of U.S. Citizens. Can NAFTA Get Then Back?” Mr. Peyton agreed to represent over 200 American homeowners in Mexico in this landmark and first of its kind case. The article provides insight and an in depth explanation of a very important case.

Steps to Take When Buy Property In Mexico This article is from a modified chapter from the book “How To Buy Real Estate In Mexico ” and it examines an eight-step process for buying real estate in Mexico. The contracts used in real estate transactions in Mexico are examined in detail. These contracts include the offer and acceptance, promissory agreements, and various forms of a sales agreement. The steps are presented in sequence. The sections explaining each step address the necessary procedures and describe the people involved.

Mexican Corporations An overview of the two most common Mexican corporation:Sociedad Anónima (S. A.), Sociedad Anónima De Capital Variable (S. A. De C. V.) and the Sociedad De Responsabilidad Limitada (S. De R. L.) and the Sociedad De Responsabilidad Limitada De Capital Variable (S. De R.L. De C.V.)

Ejido Property This article is from a modified chapter from the book “How To Buy Real Estate In Mexico” and it examines the background of ejidos, the definition of an ejido, and the legal regulation of ejidos, the current Agrarian Law passed in 1992, classification of ejido property.

Joint ventures with ejidos in Mexico An explanation of the how to set up a joint venture corporation with ejido property in Mexico. The procedures necessary and the to use ejido common property in a Mexican corporation with foreign investors and either ejido members or the ejido itself.

Condominium Ownership In Mexico An examination of the different types of Mexican condominium ownership, common property, owners’ rights and obligations, procedures to establish condominium ownership, and management of condominium properties in Mexico.

Mexican Legal System For Foreigners An explanation of the basic legal principles applicable to foreigners in Mexico: Men and women are equal in the eyes of the law, general and retroactive application of the law, legal capacity (capacidad de goce), Marital status (el estado civil), Individuals (personas físicas) and legal entities (personas morales), “patria potestad,” or paternal power, Guardianship, “tutela,” testamentary guardianship, legitimate guardianship, Court appointed guardianship, family patrimony, family relationships, marriage and property ownership in marriage “sociedad conyugal;” or “separación de bienes” and necessary and voluntary divorce.