The firm’s practice includes all aspects of Mexican law and international law while specializing in Mexican real estate and corporate law in its various forms of foreign investment in Mexico, in addition to civil litigation and probate in Mexico.

In 1988, Mr. Peyton opened the Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico office. The initial purpose was to work with and establish maquiladoras (offshore production plants) in the border region. While continuing the firm’s services to maquiladoras, throughout the 1990’s and into the 2000’s Mr. Peyton became heavily involved in litigation and real estate transactions in Mexico as well as business set ups for Americans doing business in Mexico. This process was accelerated by the series of changes in Mexico’s foreign investment laws, which increasingly made Mexico an attractive investment for foreign investors. Peyton & Associates have help Americans with their legal needs in Mexico for over twenty years. During this time we have established working relations with professionals throughout Mexico and consequently we able to meet the needs of our clients regardless of where they need help in Mexico.

As the practice grew, the firm continued to expand its services to meet the needs of Americans in Mexico. To do this Peyton & Associates has focused on civil and business litigation and probate and succession for Americans in Mexico.

We would happy to assist you in any legal or consulting need you may have in Mexico. Please contact us for your free consultation. Call now for your free no obligation consultation: 1-800-529-6394 (1-800-lawmexico). You can also send us an email to: and we will contact you immediately.


Real Estate Transactions:

We provide our clients with security and expertise in real estate transactions anywhere in Mexico. By providing escrow services, title insurance and proper and complete due diligence we are able to our clients with peace of mind.

Most residential real estate transactions are completed on a flat fee basis so you know exactly what you are paying for before you retain our services: no more no less.

Civil and Criminal Litigation:

Litigation cases are taken on a fee basis or on a contingency. Each case is reviewed with the client to determine what works best. All case are taken on

Industrial, Resort and Tourist Developments:

We can assist in all types of Resort and Tourist Developments including help with the permitting process before the Urban Development authority form the preliminary plan approval through land use and building permits. We can also assist you with Ejido joint venture developments.

International Tax and Estate Planning:

Please free to call us for your free consultation regarding any questions about tax consequences and tax planning in Mexico. We can also help in coordinating international estate and probate cases where Mexican assets are involved in United States probate proceedings; as well as exclusive estate planing for foreigners in Mexico who need Mexican probate carried out.


From questions regarding NAFTA visas to securing the appropriate Mexican visa we are here to serve you and answer any questions.

Expert Witness Support in the U.S.:

The firm also provides litigation assistance in all areas of Mexican law for expert witness testimony. We have provided expert witnesses for several important cases in California and Arizona. Having Americans who are licensed to practice law in Mexico can be very helpful when dealing with complex Mexican legal issues. Our ability to clarify such issues in plain English sets us apart from other experts in this area. References available upon request.


Dennis John Peyton
Managing Partner