Resort And Leisure Development

Representation of a resort and leisure property comprises many elements, regarding the development of its amenities and infrastructure, as well as day-to-day matters relating to tax, financing, corporate governance, management, utility development and services, land use and regulatory matters. Here at Peyton & Associates, we work hand in hand with our clients to tackle the wide range of issues unique to the resort and leisure development industry.


Our firm can advise you and assist you in matters such as: negotiating and documenting the purchase, sale, subdivision and financing of resort land, timeshare and condominium properties, as well as related agreements for resort, timeshare and condominium properties, management and maintenance agreements and design and construction agreements (including documentation for bidding). Handling matters related to development, financing and construction of resort amenities and infrastructure, as well as matters before regulatory bodies, including land use, planning and zoning, exactions and impact fees. Preparing condominium, timeshare and fractional ownership and club membership documentation. Addressing corporate, tax and corporate governance matters that are unique to owners’ associations and resort development. Handling and recovering of assessments. Addressing (and litigating when necessary) disputes among developers, contractors, design professionals and owners. Handling regulatory matters, utility development and service agreements. Advising on environmental issues, including evaluation, assessments and permitting matters.